Because Cleanliness is Everything

Skoebido Childcare Team realize that one important thing to support kids’ best improvement is in their healthy body. Many aspects to support it; safety environment, good meals, and of course healthy environment. Skoebi-do has been very concern in keeping everything safe and clean. Class room, toys both inside and outdoor, fresh ingredient for the meals and the point is how to get the kids understand and willing to keep their own cleanliness.

Many ways to get into the goal; story telling, theatrical performance and create a healthy habit from the simplest thing they could do both in school and home. Washing their hands.

After playing with pets, after sneezing and bowing nose, and especially after using toilet, after playing in playground, before and after having meals at school.

Because “Cleanliness & good sanitation in schools is a matter of high importance.” ~ Narendra Modi

clean your hand for your healthy
Put the soap to your hand
wash your hand for your healthy
Scrub them gently
wash your hand and keep smiling
Rinse well under the running water
its already clean, keep your hand clean
Dry your clean hands and tttaaadaaa, they are clean and smell nice!

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