Easter Celebration all Over the World. How about in Skoebi-do?

For some people Easter is a Christian ceremony as a history says it is a moment to remember Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and resurrection at the third day. Christians usually remember it by going to church and tradition celebration with relative. By the time goes, Easter become more public and not only Christians celebrate it but everybody all over the world and it becomes more like festival and celebration.

How about in Indonesia?

In Indonesia Easter is both about Christians ceremony and public celebration. It usually becomes an exciting moment for kids. They celebrate it at school with friends or together with family. Here in Skoebi-do Bali, Easter Party is a regular party of the year that we provide many fun games, photo booth, Easter lunch, and of course the most wanted activity egg hunting games!

Anyway, let us check the euphoria Easter celebration in some countries in the world!

So, are you ready for Easter Party?

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