Police Visit to Skoebi-do Canggu and Sanur, Wednesday February 5th 2020

It was a great opportunity last Wednesday that we had police officers visit Skoebi-do Canggu and Sanur. We invited the polices regarding the weekly theme “Occupation” and on Wednesday we talked about police officers.

During the visit, the officer shared information about road safety & their role in the community. This activity taught the children about what a police officer is and what he/she does, and we make sure to teach the children that police officers are good and that children should not be afraid of them. Because it’s important for children to learn about safety, know whom to call or ask for help in an emergency. It was such an enriching and engaging experience for the little ones. The best part was the present!

Thank you so much, bapak dan ibu polisi, what a great experience!

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