Six Skoebi-do Teachers is Flying to Jakarta in December (again)!

Yes, AGAIN! Only a month from this post–Skoebi-do; six teachers will be attending Jolly Phonics Workshop in Jakarta which is for the second time as we see how important this lesson be applied to our students. The last workshop we have had in May which attended by three teachers brought such a valuable lesson that successfully train our early learners to read and write hand-to-hand.  Much good feedback we have gotten from parents who have seen their children have improved their skills especially in reading and writing.

“We heard many times story about the snakes and the sound” “He can even blend the s-u-n very well now and fastly read ‘bed’. We were like WOW!”  and many other more compliments about children progress after they had Jolly Phonics lesson at Skoebi-do.

As we have seen the fact that Jolly Phonics is the best method, now we are sending more personals, yes with six teachers for both Skoebi-do branches.

We can not wait to fly to Jakarta again, to meet all Popular Book team as a promoter (Ms. Jiya and team) and of course Ms. Khushbu Porwal as a trainer. Not long now!

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