Sizzling and YUMM!!

Our class was sizzling and it was smell so yumm,

Another Life skills activity we did last time, it’s cooking in the classroom

This is primary experience and ideas in particular areas associated with food making, learn basic knife skills, and basic cooking methods.

We learn everything that we need to know about cooking and preparing food.

In this practical cooking class, Skoebid-do Team pay extra attention to the kids’ health and safety, we make sure all of students wash their hands before starting, teach them how to use all the utensils safely, assist them in every cooking step, and also make sure the food taste good.

We also learn more new vocabularies through this activity. Vocabulary of food, cooking methods, kitchen utensils, taste and more. 

Describing food is a vocabulary building exercise that introduces students to adjectives related to food and give them a chance to use them directly.

In active classes, students are happier, more engaged, and more able to learn.

Sizzling and YUMM!! cooking with Skoebi-do Childcare
that is not ready yet,lets cook together at skoebi-do kids club
she help us at skoebi-do kids club2
she is so interest to cooking with skoebido child care kids club
she help us at skoebi-do kids club
she interest with cooking with Skoebido kids club3
she interest with cooking with Skoebido kids club
they try to cook at skoebido club
we are laughing after cooking together at skoebido kids club

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