Skoebi-do 12th Anniversary “Care, Corporate and Committed”

Another year has passed and right on June 1st 2019 Skoebi-do Child Care Centre has just completed 12 years long journey in education and kids world. There is no great thing comes easily also this 12 years journey. Ups and downs have came but we never stop. Together with the owners, management and all staff we build Skoebi-do from only less than 10 students to more than 100 members. From only located in Canggu area to another branch in Sanur. In order to celebrate it, together with all staff and family, we celebrated it in Penglipuran Village, Bangli. We did some games; treasure hunt, making gedebong, canang and penjor, then the top of the celebration before lunch time. The owners left us message to keep our spirit, and as the tag line for this year “Care, corporate and committed”.


Congratulations Ms. Wulan, Mr. Dewa and Ms. Hanny as the best performance 2019
Cheers for the successful
Akoebi-do 12th Anniversary and Family Gathering June 22nd 2019 Penglipuran Village

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