Skoebi-do Child Care Centre Bali Valentine’s with YPAC Bali

Let spread the love with

Skoebi-do Child Care Centre Bali!

February as a month of love will come sooner and we would invite everybody here to spread the love by joining charity sharing and caring “From Skoebi-do to YPAC Bali”
YPAC Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children) is located in Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 30 Jimbaran, Badung which has 43 members today. Yet they have disabilities, they could do many great things like singing, drawing, dancing, and many more. As we can see the wonderful spirit and soul in them, in this month of love we would like to invite you to spread the love as our support to them. The donation can be logistic needs (rice, instant noodles, oil, etc) clothes, school equipment, etc. Please kindly send the donation to Skoebi-do Canggu and Sanur during the work days; Monday to Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM before Saturday February 17th 2018

We’re having small party on February 17th 2018 at YPAC Bali from 8.30 AM and would be so glad for anybody to join us 

For further information kindly ring our official numbers:

Skoebi-do Canggu +6285100474573
Skoebi-do Sanur +6285103152058
Miss Hanny Whatsapp +6285792040148

Spread the Love from Skoebi-do to YPAC.
Yes because we care..

Spread the love from Skoebi-do to YPAC Bali
Spread the love from Skoebi-do to YPAC Bali

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