Skoebi-do Child Care Centre Video Lesson

We all have hard times since the COVID-19 pandemic has been a global issue for all around the world, of course, include Indonesia and specifically Bali. Suddenly many public places have to close for uncertain times and the authorities suggest to us to stay at home in order to stop the spread. It happened also to Skoebi-do. We have been closed since March 15th until now when this article published. Therefore we provide a video lesson program every day that kids may watch at home with their parents. By watching the video, kids may also do many fun activities like what they usually do at their daily routine at school. We love to know that kids enjoy the video and do the activities with their parents’ help. It also helps parents to have many ideas about what they are going to do at home with their kids while the school’s closure.

To anyone who is curious about the videos, it is free to accessed as we post the videos on our YouTube channel. Feel free to check and if you like please press the like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Keep healthy, keep happy!

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