Skoebi-do Halloween Haunted Party 2019

¬† ¬† ¬†Another blast in Skoebi-do Canggu last month in our annual Halloween Party. Open for public and it was more than we expected, near to 80 kids attended and join us–which is normally only 75 kids. WOW!! We always try to present something different and what made the last Halloween party different was the HAUNTED HOUSE!! Besides that, we also open some games area, face painting, food stall, and magician show. Everyone enjoyed the party, not only the kids but also the parents as they enjoyed the food variant while waiting for their kids.

Can not say more but THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who joined the party and also the team. What a great job!!

Halloween Haunted Party 2019 with Skoebi-do Teacher halloween haunted party 2019 at Skoebi-do Childcare

More pictures are on our —> Facebook Page.

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