Skoebi-do Jolly Phonics Teachers Training

Yesterday, Sunday May 12th 2019 was the first day of Jolly Phonics teachers training after we had a full day workshop in Jakarta with Jolly Phonics Indonesia . We need to make sure that all of the teachers understand well how to apply the methods to our students and we are confidently going to start it in the new school year August 2019.

Jolly Phonic Teacher Training

What is Jolly Phonics?

Is this the first time you’ve heard of Jolly Phonics? Well, worry not! Let’s start by getting to know what Jolly Phonics is and why it’s important for your children.

Jolly Phonics is a fun and systematic programme designed for young learners to develop their reading and literacy skills. In essence, the Jolly Phonics teaches children 5 main skills. The skills are 1) learning the letter sounds, 2) learning letter formation, 3) blending for reading, 4) identifying sounds in words for writing, and 5) tricky words.

All of the 5 skills are taught through a wide variety of enjoyable techniques. The techniques involve the stimulation of the children’s sight, sound, and kinesthetic means. This is to make the learning process all the more enjoyable for the children.

The journey starts by introducing the children to the 42 letter sounds in English, then blending and reading, while also teaching the children to identify the sounds in the words.

Why is Jolly Phonics Important for Kids?

As mentioned above, Jolly Phonics can give children the foundation they need to learn necessary literary skills. So, by referring back to the Jolly Phonics while teaching, children will be able to grasp pronunciation of a new language far easier. Used as the base of teaching and learning English, the Jolly Phonics allows children to develop their skills in a fun environment.

Recent studies show that children taught with the Jolly Phonics method have better performance on reading, spelling, and literacy compared to those who are conventionally taught (Ahmad & Yunus, 2019; Hussaini Aliyu, et. al., 2021). Thus, it is recommended that time should be allotted to teaching the Jolly Phonics to children. This is because it will help them greatly with their English literacy skills.

Teacher Training

The training was fun especially when we learnt about the letter sounds and actions. All teachers enjoyed the training. We divided into 3 parts and for the first part we learned about Group 1 and Group 2.

Jolly Phonics Teacher Training at Skoebi-do

Our Mission

Thank you so much Jolly Phonics Indonesia, Ms. Jiya and team also esp to Ms. Khushbu Porwal for sharing knowledge and experience. We believe that with everything we have had from the workshop will bring significant impact for Skoebi-do’s members and Skoebi-do Bali itself.

Skoebi-do Jolly Phonics teacher Training


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