Social Distancing Friendly Greetings for Kids

In this New Normal situation, everyone is trying to adjust to a New Way of doing life with a lot of differences in various aspects of life, one of them is having a Social Distancing.

Help kids understand that Skoebi-do Childcare Team can share our germs with other people when we talk, play, shake hands or hug is not easy, but we give our best to make them understand, one of the ways is; help our kids learn some new, fun, and interesting ways to greet others with fun and interesting social distancing greetings.

Social Distancing Friendly Greetings for Kids
the others greetings for social distancing
they learn how to greetings at skoebi-do Club
Skoebido give love and kids give it back too

We can not hug, we can not hold, but we can still express our greeting in another way that is more fun and exciting 🥰💛💛

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